Demoscene Party Management

What is PartyMeister

Out of the need for a flexible intranet for the Ultimate Meeting, that's not written two days before the party and thrown away three days later, grew the idea of creating a solid and extendible solution that's useable for everyone. Short: we wanted to make it right this time :)

PartyMeister features many things, from simple CMS functions, like news and polls, to complete competition management and beamslide-content creation.
The beamslide-content is displayed with SCREENS, a standalone player which is part of the PartyMeister package.


18.11.13 - Partymeister 2

As you might have noticed, Partymeister hasn't been receiving any updates lately. I'm working hard on the next big release and it has already been tested and used by many parties. Please bear with me a while longer while I get ready for a public release.

If you're interested in using it before the public release - drop me a mail and we'll figure something out.

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05.01.11 - PartyMeister 1.5.3 released

This is a small maintenance release to reflect changes and fixes made for the Ultimate Meeting 2010. Check the changelog for details.

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What is it?

PartyMeister is a complete intranet and beamsystem solution for Demoparties. Click here to get a general overview.

Who uses it?

Originally developed for the Ultimate Meeting, PartyMeister has been used at Breakpoint 2005-2010 and many other parties.
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