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Frequently asked questions

  1. Who can use PartyMeister?
  2. Where is feature X?
  3. Where are more entries for this FAQ?

1. Who can use PartyMeister?

Since we created PartyMeister to facilitate Demoscene-Parties, the use of PartyNet and OrgaNet is limited to non-profit events. Read the details in our license agreement.
In case you modify the code in order to add new features or fix bugs, it would be nice if you share your additions so the progress can be integrated back into the official package.

The licensing of SCREENS is yet to be determined. For now, it's a closed source application.

2. Where is feature X?

Well, PartyMeister isn't designed to cover ALL needs of ALL demoparties out there. So there is a chance that feature X is not implemented yet. If you need it, you can code it into PartyMeister or you can always ask us to do it - and we will if there's enough time and we consider it useful :)
If it's useful, it may find it's way into the official package.

4. Where are more entries for this FAQ?

The rest of this section will be filled as soon as you have asked us something :)

What is it?

PartyMeister is a complete intranet and beamsystem solution for Demoparties. Click here to get a general overview.

Who uses it?

Originally developed for the Ultimate Meeting, PartyMeister has been used at Breakpoint 2005-2010 and many other parties.
Read more about our users here!


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