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Tutorial: Competition workflow

  1. General information
  2. Competition overview
  3. Managing entries
  4. Preparing the competition

General information

The visitors are able to upload multiple files per entry (e.g. a fixed executable). So you should make sure, you're using the latest files from the specifig entries.

If some visitors don't have the possibility to upload their entries due to filesize-limits (e.g WiLD Compo), they can enter the entry-information in PartyNet beforehand (without uploading the file) and then give their entries to the infodesk personel. Make sure they have the entry-number written big and fat all over the media. The compo-organizers can grab the releases and upload the files for them.

If the compo-organizers have the time, they can make a screenshot of the entry (at least for the non-music competitions) and upload them, too. This facilitates the recognition of the entries during the voting-procedure.

Competition overview

At "OrgaNet > Partysystem > Competitions > Manage Competitions" is a list of all available competitions. If not, the competition-mainorga should define all the compos here.

The following information is useful for the competition-orga:

  • Compo-Options
    The possible options, a visitor can use when uploading the entry.
  • Upload status
    Enabled or disabled.
  • Voting status
    Enabled or disabled.
  • Generating Beamslides
    Only visible, after the upload is disabled.

Managing entries

At "OrgaNet > Partysystem > Competitions > Manage Entries" is a list of all uploaded entries. You can filter through the competitions.

You can do the following here:

  • See title, author and the compo-options
  • See and modify the entry-positions
    This determines the display-order on the bigscreen.
  • Status
    Unchecked, checked and disqualified.
  • Magnifying glass
    This displays the entry-information in a popup-window and allows download of the files.
  • Edit/Delete buttons

Preparing the competition

Every competition-organizer should check the entries for his competitions periodically. Especially after the deadline :)

Notice: Please designate a person, that closes the upload for the competitions. This is NOT automated, because it didn't prove useful.

Here is a list every competition-organizers should do:
  1. Close the upload

  2. Upload entries, that have been submitted via an external media (e.g. CD/DVD/Disk)

  3. Mount the shared-folder (e.g. \\\shared_folder\)
    Inside, there is a folder named "competitions" with folders for every competition. In every competition-folder, there are subfolders, named like the entry-numbers. This is necessary, because every visitor can upload more than one file per entry.
    Every file of every entry is given a timestamp, so you can see which file is the newest.
    Notice: Please check the file-comments via the magnifying-glass-button!

  4. Validate the entries
    If the entry is ok, edit it via the edit-button and determine a final-file. This file will be uploaded on the ftp-server and made available in PartyNet for download. If you don't specify a final-file, there will be no download. If the final-file consists of more than one of the uploaded files, repackage, upload and check your new upload as final-file.

  5. Make a screenshot and upload it
    If the visitor didn't provide a screenshot and you got time - make one and upload it.

  6. Change the status of the entries
    Checked or disqualified - the choice is yours.
    Notice: Disqualified entries don't show up in the results and can't be downloaded. It's like they never existed. This gives the artists the possibilty to release their entry at another party.

  7. Change the position of the entries
    Determine the display-order at the bigscreen. There must be NO gaps. If there are, you will be notified though :)

  8. Generate the Beamslides
    This can be done in "OrgaNet > Partysystem > Competitions > Manage Competitions".

  9. Check the playlist for errors
    This is extremely important. Go to "OrgaNet > Beamsystem > Manage Playlists", edit the playlist and check the slides for errors! If there are any (e.g. chars not being displayed properly or poor layout), edit the entries accordingly and go back to the previous step and generate new Beamslides.
    Notice: If there's a possibility, play the playlist on another BOOBS server to be sure that everything is alright.

  10. Generate the Beamslides
    This can be done in "OrgaNet > Partysystem > Competitions > Manage Competitions".

  11. Do your competition

  12. Enable voting
    Go back to "OrgaNet > Partysystem > Competitions > Manage Competitions" and enable the voting for your competition. After that, go to PartyNet and check if all the entries are displayed correctly. Also check if they can be downloaded. If not, go to your network-organizer.

What is it?

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Originally developed for the Ultimate Meeting, PartyMeister has been used at Breakpoint 2005-2010 and many other parties.
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